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Ethereum’s open interest breaks records and triggers a rally

The aggregate open interest of Ethereum (ETH) reached an all-time high and with it the price of crypto. We tell you what happened!

It seems that the season of the Altcoins becomes official after the bullish run that has begun Ethereum (ETH). In this sense, like Bitcoin, ETH has set a new record both for its market price and for the open interest of its futures.

Ethereum is about to set a new historical high
Ethereum breaks records
It is worth remembering that open interest is the volume of open positions in a futures or options contract at a particular point in time.

In addition, futures are financial derivatives where the parties can buy Bitcoin Compass or sell a specific asset, in this case Ethereum, at a specific price and on a specific date.

Thus, according to Glassnode data, the aggregate open interest in Ethereum options and futures broke records over the weekend.

Lindsey Lohan expects Bitcoin to reach USD 100,000 and Ethereum to reach USD 10,000
ETH leaves the shadows
Specifically, the open interest in ETH futures reached a maximum of USD 4.5 billion. In fact, according to Glassnode data, open interest in Ethereum futures has been growing steadily since early 2021.

In this sense, the increase in open interest can be explained in part by the growth in the price of ETH itself. However, it cannot be denied that the buying interest in Bitcoin has impacted on the crypto market and therefore on Ethereum.

During the past year, Ethereum managed to outperform Bitcoin in terms of ROI; however, crypto did not manage to break its historical high while Bitcoin did. So, it seems that ETH got tired of being in the shadows of crypto and, in the last 24 hours, managed to surpass its previous maximum for a moment.

According to CoinMarketCap, ETH managed to position itself part of yesterday and today above or close to USD 1400. However, it failed to hold on to the position and plummeted to USD 1200 today; a fall of 8% over the last 24 hours.

For the time being the projections for Ethereum appear to be positive and we can see this through the betting on future contracts. Estimates range from USD 3,500 to USD 20,000; one option contract for December 2021 even points to USD 10,000 for ETH.

However, we should note that, the high open interest for Ethereum can also add to the volatility in the market.

Why this crypto bull run is completely different

Bitcoin in the starting blocks: Why this crypto bull run is completely different

Is there any doubt that we are in the early stages of a crypto bull run? Pick a metric, any metric, and chances are it will indicate that.

For example, the total value of capital locked up in DeFi has never been higher. Similarly, total crypto market capitalisation is hovering in and around its all-time high of $1.1 trillion.

Despite numerous crypto newbies popping up on social media – the reality is: retail Bitcoin Code investors are not here yet. At least not to the extent they were three years ago, during the last bull run.

A look at Google Trends confirms this. Searches for the keyword „cryptocurrencies“ are expected to reach 56 by the end of January 2021. While this is a bullish sign, it is still a far cry from the levels seen in January 2018.

Back then, the ICO craze and the FOMO of retail investors, who were often looking to make a quick buck, drove the market higher.

But this time, it’s institutional investors who are the driving force behind this bull run.

Earlier this year, PwC’s Global Crypto Leader Henri Arslanian said:

„If you look at this bitcoin rally that we’ve seen over the last few weeks and months, there are really two big elements driving it. One is the continued entry of institutional players. But there are also a lot of regulated players. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.“

Why the institutional interest?

The pandemic outbreak turned everything we thought we knew upside down.

Disrupted supply lines, mass unemployment and fiscal stimulus exposed the fragility of the global economic order.

As difficult and stressful as it is to live through, the only silver lining is the flight into anti-inflationary assets, especially Bitcoin. The has benefited from the rising demand for it as more and more people buy Bitcoin.

The realisation that cash is a drain has put institutional investors on the map.

MicroStrategy got the ball rolling as the first listed company to hold Bitcoin as part of its treasury strategy. Once one institution „joined the party“, others followed.

This is expected to gain momentum into 2021.

Apart from the price rise aspect, it is unclear how this will affect the cryptocurrency industry.

However, the fact that well-known names like Square, PayPal and even JP Morgan are on board adds a touch of legitimacy to it all. And that is one thing that was missing during the last bull run.

Bittrex exchange suspends trading and deposits of XRP

Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Crypto.com also have plans to suspend XRP trading.

Bittrex announced the suspension of trading and deposits of XRP, a week after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Bitcoin Circuit of selling unregistered securities.

Bittrex suspend le XRP

Bittrex is the eleventh exchange or fund to be delisted or suspended from trading in XRP: Coinbase, OKCoin, Beaxy, Galaxy Digital, B2C2, Bitstamp, Jump Trading, Bitwise, CrossTower, and OSL have made similar announcements.

We can read in the press release :

“Bittrex will suspend XRP trading on Friday, January 15, 2021 at 4:00 PM (PST). Until further notice, clients will continue to have access to their XRP wallet. “

XRP is still open for trading on Binance and Kraken. However, these platforms could follow suit soon.

Bittrex was founded in 2014 by three cybersecurity engineers namely Bill Shihara, Richie Lai and Rami Kawach. The exchange is known to reference a large number of cryptocurrency.

Coinbase and Bitstamp

Coinbase also plans to completely halt XRP trading on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 for all of its users.

The popular Crypto.com app has also announced the withdrawal of XRP. According to an official statement, clients based in the United States will no longer be able to purchase XRP starting January 19. However, the recent decision will have no impact on withdrawals.

Currently, the exchanges that have suspended XRP are almost all based in the United States. It is likely that Asian platforms will start to follow suit soon.

The price of XRP fell from 0.63 dollars to 0.20 dollars, a fall of more than 65% in 10 days. XRP is trading at $ 0.21 as of this writing.

Bitcoin logger $ 28.000 hele tiden, men der er ingen detailinteresse (endnu)

Bitcoin- priser zoomet til $ 28.000 i sidste uge, men et nøgleelement på markedet mangler stadig.

Hvor er detailhandlen?

Data antyder, at en kritisk driver af kryptokurrencymarkedet fra 2017 endnu ikke er trådt ind i de onde riger i det berygtede, ustabile og ofte ulidelige rum.

Analysetjeneste skævt twitterede søndag, at „detailinteressen ikke er steget tilbage“ på trods af, at priserne på Bitcoin når rekordhøje niveauer, og andre kryptokurver ser prispumper i weekenden.

Med henvisning til data fra Google Trends var skævfundne detailsøgninger efter „Bitcoin“ forblevet på niveauet før 2017, en tid hvor Bitcoin steg fra under $ 1.200 til over $ 19.000. Aktivet faldt med over 80% til under $ 3.500 i starten af ​​2019, hvilket markedet igen tog op.

Institutionerne er her, og de vil have Bitcoin

Så hvis ikke detailhandel, hvem køber? I henhold til skæve data er det institutioner. Data for institutionel fondsforvalter Grayscale viste, at aktiver under forvaltning for dens forskellige, populære børshandlede fonde nåede op på $ 16 mia. I år.

GBTC, firmaets Bitcoin-udbud, tegner sig for 13 milliarder dollars alene af den krigskiste. Produktet handles over-the-counter og er et meget likvidt marked med over $ 12 millioner handlet hver dag. Hver GBTC-„aktie“ har en lille mængde spot-Bitcoin, hvor Grayscale opkræver en lille præmie oven på denne værdi for den bekvemmelighed.

Produktet, der tilbydes af Grayscale Investments, er et af de eneste børsnoterede Bitcoin-tilbud til amerikanske borgere og har vundet popularitet midt i en bredere positiv stemning for Bitcoin blandt institutionelle fonde, teknologiske virksomheder og familiekontorer i 2020.

Nogle fondsforvaltere, såsom Harris Kupperman fra Praetorian Capital, siger, at Grayscales GBTC også tegner sig for meget af Bitcoins prisbevægelse i 2020. I en blog tidligere på året sagde han, at GBTC skaber en endeløs købssløjfe af institutioner, der køber aktierne, Grayscale køber stedet Bitcoin for at dække disse aktier (driver priser op), og markedsdeltagere køber yderligere mere Bitcoin, når priserne bevæger sig op.

I mellemtiden har Wall Street-virksomhederne taget større interesse i Bitcoin og skynder sig at udnytte gevinsterne midt i dystre økonomiske udsigter og frygt for inflation. Disse inkluderer Guggenheim Partners, som for eksempel for nylig sagde, at de muligvis investerer op til 10% af sin $ 5, 5 milliarder $ Macro Opportunities Fund i en Bitcoin-tillid.

Nogle andre er allerede på vognen. Softwareafspiller MicroStrategy hentede $ 1 mia. I Bitcoin over tre indkøb i år, mens fondsforvalter Paul Tudor Jones sagde i maj, at han ejer aktivet på mere end $ 70 millioner via BTC-futures.

Bitcoin , der i øjeblikket er nummer 1 efter markedsværdi, er faldet med 0,04% i løbet af de sidste 24 timer. BTC har en markedsværdi på $ 499,74B med en 24-timers volumen på $ 50,11B.

Cover Minutes: Price drops 97 percent due to hack

Cover, a peer-to-peer platform in the DeFi space, has been hacked.

A suspected hacker has outsmarted the staking protocol cover and catapulted the token offer into inflation by printing over 40 trillion „coins“ .

Surprisingly, the alleged attacker gave the money but with a message back :

„Next time you take care of your own business.“

In the hack, the attacker initially liquidated over 11,700 coins on the decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch after inflating the token offer according to data from the Bitcoin System wallet explorer Nansen . In total, the hacker had stolen over $ 5 million from the project by the time we went to press.

Cover Protocol addressed the incident in a message on its Discord group, stating:

„The Blacksmith farming contract was hacked in order to mint an infinite number of $ COVER tokens. We have restricted access to coins on the farming contract to stop the attacker. If you offer liquidity for $ COVER tokens ( Uniswap or Sushiswap), please remove them immediately. “

According to the Cover Protocol team, the problem only affected the token offering. Money held in claim / noclaim pools is still safe. The project says it is investigating the incident.

The attack caused a massive drop in the COVER token price. It fell more than 97 percent while earning negative comments from the crypto community. Back in November, Cover was one of the DeFi protocols that merged with Yearn.Finance .

Cover is the latest victim of opportunistic, for-profit attacks against numerous protocols among the DeFi projects in a malicious hack this year.

As Cointelegraph reported, the mass of DeFi hacks over the course of the year is one of the biggest disappointments in the crypto space for 2020. However, data manipulation is considered easy to do in many projects.

Ripple Executive siger flare, der bringer DeFi til XRP

Ripple Executive siger flare, der bringer DeFi til XRP, når forventet Airdrop ankommer

En af de originale arkitekter fra XRP Ledger siger, at den tredjestørste kryptokurrency er klar til at debutere i det blomstrende decentraliserede finansieringsrum (DeFi).

I et nyt interview med Uphold siger Ripple-teknologidirektør David Schwartz, at Flare Crypto Trader Networks bestræbelser på at bringe smarte kontrakter til XRP vil åbne op for en bred vifte af brugssager.

Langt størstedelen af ​​kryptoaktiver i DeFi er i øjeblikket bygget på Ethereum

”Jeg er meget imponeret over, hvad de laver. Flare har opbygget et netværk ved hjælp af forskellige stykker, som de tog fra forskellige blockchains – Ethereum-smarte kontrakter, lavine-konsensus og XRP-afvikling. Og hvad de bringer til XRP-verdenen, er i det væsentlige en DeFi-løsning. Så de har en hurtig og pålidelig afviklingsmekanisme, XRP, og de har måder til i det væsentlige at bringe Ethereum-stil smarte kontrakter til XRP-verdenen. ”

Langt størstedelen af ​​kryptoaktiver i DeFi er i øjeblikket bygget på Ethereum, som giver udviklere mulighed for nemt at opbygge applikationer, der går ud over enkle transaktioner og muliggør peer-to-peer-udlån og -lån, derivater, marginhandel og forsikring.

Schwartz siger, at mængden af ​​støtte, Flares kommende airdrop har modtaget fra kryptobørs, er et solidt første skridt i virksomhedens bestræbelser på at opbygge et nyt økosystem til XRP.

”De har fået mange udvekslinger for at støtte deres airdrop, hvilket jeg synes er virkelig imponerende. Det er en meget vanskelig ting at gøre, og det vil gøre det lettere for deres token at blive distribueret bredt, hvilket jeg tror hjælper med at holde systemet decentraliseret og hjælper med at holde systemet pålideligt.

Det er fantastisk at se virksomheder, der bygger systemer, der tilføjer nytte til XRP, og jeg tror, ​​at evnen til at bruge XRP direkte i smarte kontrakter vil være enormt nyttigt. ”

Flares nye kryptoaktive Spark er et styringstoken, der også vil blive brugt som sikkerhed til at indløse aktiver i Flares økosystem. Det længe ventede øjebliksbillede af token airdrop forventes at finde sted på mindre end 24 timer.

Bitcoin Market sponsors main Brazilian swimming tournament

Event promises to gather main athletes of the sport in Vasco da Gama pool.

One of the main swimming tournaments in Brazil will be sponsored by Mercado Bitcoin Supersplit review next week. Starting next Wednesday (9), the competition will be at the Vasco stadium.

With the promise of gathering the main names in the sport, the event Brazil Swimming Trophy is a milestone for 2020. In the year in which the Olympics were postponed as prevention of the new coronavirus, this will be the only face-to-face event held in Brazil.

In a joint note with CBDA, the broker said she believes in sport as a pillar to form better citizens.

The CBDA business director, on the other hand, thanked the innovative support offered by the broker of cryptomorphs to the important event.

The union between the sport and the cryptomoedas has grown in recent years, this being an important movement.
Bitcoin Market sponsors the only face-to-face swimming event in 2020

Not everything is lost for the swimming competitions in Brazil in 2020. That’s because, the Absolute Brazilian Swimming Championship – Troféu Brasil starts next Wednesday.

The event will be held in the state of Rio de Janeiro, at Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama. Mercado Bitcoin has recently announced a partnership with Vasco.

„Mercado Bitcoin is the new sponsor of the Absolute Brazilian Swimming Championship – Troféu Brasil. The company, which operates in the field of cryptomoedas and alternative investments, will support the main Swimming competition, which will be held from next Wednesday (9), at Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama in Rio de Janeiro,“ said CBDA in a note this Friday.

For one of the founders of Bitcoin Market, Gustavo Chamati, sport is important to make society a better place. In addition, with swimming being part of his life and education he hopes to support the country’s athletes with sponsorship.

„Just like financial education, sport is a pillar to form better citizens. For the Bitcoin Market, being part of the Brazil Swimming Trophy is a way to support the athletes of our country, encourage them to continue to excel and be a mirror so that more and more young people find in the sport a path. Besides, personally, it is an honor, because swimming is part of my life and formation“, quoted Chamati

Sports and cryptomorphic closer and closer

The Bitcoin Market will be the Master Sponsor of the Brazil Swimming Tournament. This way, the broker will award the champions of specific events, called skins. The winning team of the 4x50m free mixed relay and the best technical indexes of the competition will be awarded by the brokerage house.

According to CBDA director Daniel Mielzynski, the Bitcoin Market will support the important swimming event.

„In an innovative way, as well as the way to invest in cryptomoedas, the Bitcoin Market will sponsor events that promise to be very exciting in the Brazil Trophy. This is just an example of the creative formats offered by us, associating brand attributes with our events, in addition to the whole visibility package already present such as live broadcasts on CBDA TV and actions that will take place in the Vasco da Gama swimming pool and digital formats“, said the CBDA business director

The competition will have the qualifiers at 9:30 am and the finals will be at 6 pm. The whole tournament can be accompanied by live CBDA TV.

Bitcoin Market’s support to the event is just another important case of the growing partnership between cryptomoedas and sports. Soccer, for example, has seen several clubs issuing tokens and cryptomoks to their fans.

Bitcoin Futures kan være på vei mot et vippepunkt

Med en pressetidspris på litt over $ 11 300, forsøkte Bitcoin å gå mot sin neste topp på hitlistene. Faktisk var BTCs pris på den tiden nesten 8% høyere sammenlignet med den samme for en uke siden, med 88% HODLere som satt på urealiserte overskudd.

Med prisstigningen bruker HODLere sine Bitcoin, og detaljhandlere blir revet mellom å lukke lengter og vente tålmodig. Faktisk er detaljhandelshandlere som valgte førstnevnte nå muligens sky av for mye risikoeksponering, på grunn av hvilket alternativ er det ideelle valget. Dette kan være en spennende og muligens givende tid for Options-handelsmenn på CME og Bakkt ettersom begge disse derivatbørene har registrert vekst i Open Interest de siste 30 dagene.

På CME ble Open Interest i skrivende stund bemerket å være $ 534 millioner, med det samme på Bakkt å lese et tall på $ 15 millioner. Mens OI på CME vokste med enkle sifre, registrerte Bakkt tosifret vekst på 36% de siste 30 dagene.

Selv om Open Interest er oppe, var handelsvolumet fortsatt på bedring på Bakkt. Fullstendig utvinning kan bare forventes muligens når prisen registrerer tosifret vekst. Inntil da kan handelsvolumene være på samme nivå som i begynnelsen av måneden.

Med økende tilførsel av Bitcoins til børser er det en frykt for at prisen ikke kan opprettholde seg over $ 11.000. I går flyter BTC til børser registrert den største en-dagers prosentvise turen på 169 dager, basert på data fra Chainalysis. HODLers ’Bitcoin traff tross alt børser.

Videre registrerte diagrammet for brukte HODLer Bitcoins et økende antall utgifter fra HODLere som akkumulerte da prisen var over $ 11 000. Selv om antallet ikke er høyere enn de som akkumulerte under $ 11 000, er det høyere enn tallene registrert tidligere denne uken.

Når handelsmenn er ferdige med å selge sekkene sine, kan de treffe derivatbørser. Faktisk, på toppbørsene med derivater flyr volumene, med aggregerte daglige volumer tilsynelatende tilbake til midten av september.

Gjenoppretting av handelsvolum tok nesten en måned siden prisen falt under $ 11.000. Nå, med den åpne interessen som stiger på hitlistene, kan samlet handelsvolum være rettet mot augustnivået på $ 20 millioner.

Etter hvert som flere tradere henvender seg til børser med derivater, kan Open Interest fortsette å stige, og det samlede daglige volumet kan ta igjen snart nok.

IOTA publishes final alpha version of IOTA Streams

IOTA has published the new version of its data transfer protocol IOTA Streams – and is laying another cornerstone for the decentralized data economy of tomorrow.

The IOTA Foundation has released the final alpha version of IOTA Streams

IOTA Streams is intended to enable the secure transfer of encrypted data and messages within the Tangle, IOTA’s disitributed ledger technology. This should set the course for the decentralized exchange of and trade in data in the Internet of Things. In contrast to cloud-based solutions, the data should remain in the owner’s possession until a buyer can be found.

If there is a device that produces data, then there is a good chance it is valuable to someone or something. This value must be included as close as possible to the point of data creation, because waiting until this happens in the cloud harbors a multitude of security risks, single points of failure and the potential for data theft and manipulation,

With the Arbismart wallet and arbitrage trading platform, thousands of investors earn passive income (10.8-45% per year). The fully automated crypto arbitrage platform offers low risk, high return investments. ArbiSmart is EU licensed and regulated.

The data exchange between network participants takes place via „channels“. In order to be able to access a data stream – for example from a network node that supplies sensor data – a user must know the name of the channel (Channel ID). A channel can support one (single branch) or several strands (multi branch) of data.

IOTA Streams is a second layer solution: This means that part of the authenticity check of the data takes place outside the Tangle. Among other things, this should enable a higher data throughput.

„Own your data“ IOTA streams for the responsible data producer

The IOTA Foundation provides a concrete use case in the blog post. IOTA cites the “Zero Dollar Car” as an example. This is a thought experiment by John Ellis, who was technology chief at the car manufacturer Ford.

Cars are currently being equipped with sensors that collect valuable information about the driver and the road conditions. What if the driver could exchange this information for money? This information could be so valuable that they could pay for the car,

Ellis describes the “Zero Dollar Car” in the blurb of the book of the same name.

In a TedX talk, to which the IOTA Foundation referred in their blog post, Ellis put the value of the data that an average family of four generates for Google in one year just from the use of laptops, smartphones and the like at US 5,500 -Dollar.

Technologies like IOTA streams can, according to the blog posthelp to ensure that data producers have a way of monetizing them in the future; especially when not only search queries but also sensor data from cars, refrigerators and the like can be sold.

Ethereum-Haschisch-Rate erreicht neues Allzeithoch

Ethereum-Haschisch-Rate erreicht neues Allzeithoch

Die Hash-Rate von Ethereum hat ein neues Allzeithoch erreicht, da die Netzwerkaktivität frühere Rekorde übertrifft.

Nach Angaben der Blockchain-Forensik-Firma Glassnode ist die Hash-Rate von Ethereum im Vergleich zum Jahresbeginn enorm gestiegen. Darüber hinaus deuten Untersuchungen darauf hin, dass die Ethereum-Minenarbeiter noch nie so aktiv waren wie heute.

Ethereum-Hash-Rate erreicht ATH

Im Gefolge des DeFi-Hypes, der sich in diesem Jahr immer weiter ausbreitet, haben die bei Bitcoin Era Bergleute Ethereum die Hash-Rate des Netzes auf ein neues Allzeithoch getrieben. Nach Untersuchungen von Glassnode ist die Netzwerk-Hash-Rate auf über 250 Tera-Hashes pro Sekunde (T/s) gestiegen und weist seit Anfang 2020 einen Nettozuwachs von 80 Prozent auf.

Dies bedeutet auch, dass die Netzwerksicherheit auf dem höchsten Niveau ist, das es je gegeben hat. Um ein Blockchain-Netzwerk anzugreifen, muss man 51 Prozent Hash Power haben, um eine Netzwerkübernahme zu versuchen. Eine hohe Hash-Rate bedeutet jedoch, dass der Angreifer vor einem Angriff eine größere Hash-Power ansammeln müsste.

Hash-Welle und der DeFi-Hype

Die Haschischrate von Ethereum stieg Anfang 2020 sprunghaft an, bis der Schwarze Donnerstag eintrat. Aufgrund des Preisrückgangs verlangsamten viele Bergleute den Betrieb bis Mai, als sich der Preis wieder erholte. Im Mai kam es jedoch auch zu einem Anstieg der Transaktionsaktivitäten im Zusammenhang mit Betrügereien und Schneeballsystemen.

Der DeFi-Hype war ein Hauptfaktor für den sprunghaften Anstieg der Hash-Rate. DeFi hat aufgrund seiner hohen Rentabilität an Zugkraft gewonnen, und nach Angaben von DeFi Pulse übersteigt der Gesamtwert der DeFi-Smart-Verträge nun 10 Milliarden Dollar. Mit Projekten wie Yearn, Uniswap und Compound rückte DeFi ins Rampenlicht und zog Investoren an.

Dieser Erfolg ermöglichte es, den Preis für Äther (ETH) auf ein höheres Niveau zu treiben und kann nun auch auf die Hash-Rate übertragen werden.

Dies könnte das letzte Mal sein, dass die Ethereum-Minenarbeiter bei Bitcoin Era verdienen können, während sich das Netzwerk auf die Umstellung auf ein Proof-of-Stake (PoS)-Netz vorbereitet. Es ist zwar nicht bekannt, wann das geschehen könnte, aber das Netzwerk führt derzeit Testnetzstarts durch, und wir werden vielleicht bald von der Einführung des Ethereum 2.0-Mainnet erfahren.