Bitcoin Market sponsors main Brazilian swimming tournament

Event promises to gather main athletes of the sport in Vasco da Gama pool.

One of the main swimming tournaments in Brazil will be sponsored by Mercado Bitcoin Supersplit review next week. Starting next Wednesday (9), the competition will be at the Vasco stadium.

With the promise of gathering the main names in the sport, the event Brazil Swimming Trophy is a milestone for 2020. In the year in which the Olympics were postponed as prevention of the new coronavirus, this will be the only face-to-face event held in Brazil.

In a joint note with CBDA, the broker said she believes in sport as a pillar to form better citizens.

The CBDA business director, on the other hand, thanked the innovative support offered by the broker of cryptomorphs to the important event.

The union between the sport and the cryptomoedas has grown in recent years, this being an important movement.
Bitcoin Market sponsors the only face-to-face swimming event in 2020

Not everything is lost for the swimming competitions in Brazil in 2020. That’s because, the Absolute Brazilian Swimming Championship – Troféu Brasil starts next Wednesday.

The event will be held in the state of Rio de Janeiro, at Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama. Mercado Bitcoin has recently announced a partnership with Vasco.

„Mercado Bitcoin is the new sponsor of the Absolute Brazilian Swimming Championship – Troféu Brasil. The company, which operates in the field of cryptomoedas and alternative investments, will support the main Swimming competition, which will be held from next Wednesday (9), at Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama in Rio de Janeiro,“ said CBDA in a note this Friday.

For one of the founders of Bitcoin Market, Gustavo Chamati, sport is important to make society a better place. In addition, with swimming being part of his life and education he hopes to support the country’s athletes with sponsorship.

„Just like financial education, sport is a pillar to form better citizens. For the Bitcoin Market, being part of the Brazil Swimming Trophy is a way to support the athletes of our country, encourage them to continue to excel and be a mirror so that more and more young people find in the sport a path. Besides, personally, it is an honor, because swimming is part of my life and formation“, quoted Chamati

Sports and cryptomorphic closer and closer

The Bitcoin Market will be the Master Sponsor of the Brazil Swimming Tournament. This way, the broker will award the champions of specific events, called skins. The winning team of the 4x50m free mixed relay and the best technical indexes of the competition will be awarded by the brokerage house.

According to CBDA director Daniel Mielzynski, the Bitcoin Market will support the important swimming event.

„In an innovative way, as well as the way to invest in cryptomoedas, the Bitcoin Market will sponsor events that promise to be very exciting in the Brazil Trophy. This is just an example of the creative formats offered by us, associating brand attributes with our events, in addition to the whole visibility package already present such as live broadcasts on CBDA TV and actions that will take place in the Vasco da Gama swimming pool and digital formats“, said the CBDA business director

The competition will have the qualifiers at 9:30 am and the finals will be at 6 pm. The whole tournament can be accompanied by live CBDA TV.

Bitcoin Market’s support to the event is just another important case of the growing partnership between cryptomoedas and sports. Soccer, for example, has seen several clubs issuing tokens and cryptomoks to their fans.